Experience (perceptions), Forces (Powers) of Life, The creation, The light, Devotion.

Perceptions are from Life Forces

Try to look at yourself simply, doesn’t holding attention at your thoughts. You will discover the feelings (perceptions, experiences), the most common, usual feelings, which you always can hardly notice in yourself, but which you have never paid attention at. These are Forces (Powers) of Life. All our perceptions – these are Powers, which drive our life. They are a real demonstration of life without any philosophy. Feelings can really be sensed. You can trust to the reality of feelings. You can easily feel them inside as streams, which move, interact in the field of consciousness, and, merging together, they create thoughts, ideas, a perceptible world, and then provoke us to actions. Imperceptibly for ourselves, unconsciously, we act on the basis of feelings. That’s why, feelings can be easily called Powers. These Forces (Powers) appear from the field of our consciousness on the subtlest level of our consciousness and exist only in the field of our consciousness. They are not objective. But, due to this, they don’t become irregular. As everything in life has its reasons and consequences, the world of feelings is regular and it means that it can be represented by science.

Perceptions (feelings) – these are not just mechanical Forces (Powers). They are a procreation of consciousness. They are conscious, it means that they are live structures of consciousness. They are not material, invisible, but they exist. We can make sure of it just by paying attention at them. That’s why when I say «Forces» (“Powers”) of Live, I mean Live Entities. You should not be afraid to use the word “Entity”. Everything arrant is an entity. There is nothing that is not an entity. There is a countless multitude of them inside us. They appear from the filed of Consciousness and exist in us somewhere deep inside in the form of subtle, hardly noticeable Perceptions(feelings). On the more evident level they become emotions and thoughts. And, on more evident level they form our physiology, behavior and even appear in the field of our attention as events, people and phenomena. Each feeling has its entity, live entity. That’s why, a Perceptions(feelings) is the same as Entity. Subtler entities manage less subtle, rougher, more material Entities.  That’s why, knowledge of subtle Forces of our life is very practical for implementation of our wishes, achievements and realization. By overwhelming the world of subtle Perceptions(feelings), we become more powerful Governors of our own life.

The World (The Universe)

«The World» is what gives us the feeling of our existence.  Being in the concrete world, and thanks to this world we feel that “I am”.

For example, a “materialist” feels that he IS thanks to material things, which surround him and create his certain world. There is a countless multitude of material worlds because world is a certain space, contained between some existing phenomena (Entities). Only material phenomena mean existing phenomena for a “materialist”. Because material phenomena (entities) can have a countless multitude of kinds and spaces, contained between them. Each separate person, each separate entity defines for himself such space. Though a man, (as an entity) can also be the element of someone’s world. Thus, the entire universe consists of countless number of entities, which are more or less revealed, each of them indicates its space, its world, contained between other entities. Inert entities create material world. “Materialists” use the substance, in order it will serve and help them to strengthen their world. Herewith a “materialist” will protect its material things (entities) in order to support his world. He will gain the best representatives of the material world, for example, the new model of a mobile phone or car, in order to make his world the best. He will be very interested in getting as much as possible materially existing phenomena (entities) in this world, which will be friendly to him and will confirm that fact that everything is ok with him. Herewith he will experience peace and safety of his own existence.

A man, who doesn’t trust substance anymore, but concepts, will submerge in the world of conceptual entities. He will himself invent for him some good concept or will find for him a ready world of some good and harmonious concept, and will try to be in this world, to get power from this world and to protect it from destruction. He will be constantly supporting his world of concept by means of small different concepts, confirming his main concept. Such people join different religious and spiritual organizations, or create them and attract there as much other people (entities) as possible.

People, who are able to live like subtler entities than mental concepts, can submerge in the world of feelings and create their world from own feelings. Feelings – these are entities, which are closer to our Spirit. Nobody can take them from us, they don’t require any arguments, and they are evident and powerful in order to create this or that world. The world of feelings is more reliable than the world of concepts or, all the more, the material world. Our deep feelings become our friends, native entities, confirming that we exist. They give us power, inspiration and confidence of that fact that everything will be ok with us. More often such people go in for art or creative work. They are in more degree independent from substance and concepts.

Deeper people live by the world of subtle entity impulses, which come from Spirit. These impulses are so powerful that the presence of the material world or the world of concepts or even simple feelings becomes uninteresting. It is interesting to get power from essential streams of Spirit and to form your world from them. Such people are not numerous. They are not very interested in substance, they don’t belong to some religion, they are not obsessed by feelings. They know only spiritual world, which consists of entities, filled by Spirit.  They communicate with different Spirits, with non-revealed entities, which compose their world. They strengthen and protect the world of Spirit.

How the creation processes

The Creator set fire of his small entity – my Soul. The Soul woke up. By means of Spirit power and power of its attention the Soul started to lighten the space of my future life as much as its power allows. Countless number of entities, which were accepted by my Spirit in the past, and which now are waking up like me, filled all the space lightened by Spirit. The movements of entities became more and more coordinated and ordered with the attention of my Soul. In space the vision of stable, material and now defined and concrete world, which appeared on the very edge of my attention, where there is lack of Spirit power to extend further, is revealed. Behind this edge my Soul is starting to be afraid. The fear comes from lack of Spirit power to go further. It appears on the very edge of attention – there, on the other side of my Spirit, where darkness begins. If you try to move your attention a little further, it is impossible.  I can’t move even a millimeter further in order to come through walls of Fear, because there I lose the power of my existence, lose the feeling of my Spirit. I have to stay here now, in this Space, which hospitably accepted me to have a rest after journey in order to get some power. It gave me my body, the edges of it – this is also the Fear cover of my Soul. I made my existing body by my actions in the past, in my past life, in the past Space, which was left by me. Those parts of body, by means of which I wanted to penetrate in my surrounding more, now are stronger and more expressed. All those parts of body, by means of which I felt fear, now are soft and flexible. Exactly with help of such form, such body I wanted to move in this world created by my Soul.

By means of my Own Fear I myself created for me an invisible sheet, thin and transparent wall of edges, which I perceive as a “material world” with all its people, houses, trees, events, ideas and emotions. Fear – is a Power, which creates the illusion of a reliable objective world around my Spirit and Soul. I think that this is my world, the world of my present life. By means of Fear I build the walls of my life in order to protect myself from Eternity. By means of Fear I protect my visible (cognized) space from eternal “Nothing”, which doesn’t stand edges. I am afraid that “Nothing” will destroy my visible space, my visible world and me. Fear doesn’t allow my Soul to bring Light further from its source, from Spirit, from the Creator. Due to Fear I can’t fully reveal the Creator in me, I can’t follow His Power till the end.

The weakness of my Soul, or its restricted ability to pass through the Power of Spirit, creates around me a tight “cover” of substance. “The egg” of my world appears. The world, which was created by me, is my Soul. In this “egg” of objective world I cognize that space of life, which can be seized by my attention.

Having cognized all the entities of the world, I am getting interested in that fact – what is behind its edges?

I bring my Spirit to the sticking point, break the cover of Fear and decide to enter the Eternity again….

Bringing by itself the Light of Power Existence, my Soul is starting to extend, square the shoulders, awaking the creation process of new world.  Having looked around the new “eternal” Space now with help of more powerful Spirit, at its edge, where there is lack of Spirit power, there is a darkness cover of this new, not yet discovered world. Its reliable edges are waiting for me in order that I could cognize them on subtler level, absorb in myself all the composing parts of its entity, get Power from them before a new entry to Eternity. It happened thousands of times, and will be taking place more and more, till my Spirit will dare to cognize Itself – Eternity without forms – the Creator himself.

Governing (Ruling) of The Light

The world is governed by The Light. “Light” and “The World” (The Universe) are synonymous.

The essence of any existing phenomenon is LIGHT, starting from quantum, including all the creatures, and ending by the SUN, lots of which form Galaxies and Universes, the essence of which is also LIGHT. It unites everything and everybody. It is a real GOVERNOR. No one will ever take his governing from him.

DARKNESS – is also an existing phenomenon. But, it exists only due to that fact that there is LIGHT. DARKNESS shades the LIGHT, it marks the GOVERNOR and serves him.

DARKNESS – is a MULTITUDE, which appears from ONE – source of LIGHT. There is no source of DARKNESS. There is only the source of LIGHT. Any Entity comes only from Entity.  And Entity – is the source point of LIGHT. When LIGHT comes, DARKNESS can’t exist, it goes away. DARKNESS can’t repress LIGHT, because it is a servant. ONE can’t serve all. But, ONE can manage all. This is a LIGHT LAW

As soon as LIGHT source appears, all the entities turn towards it and line up around it at the distance, which they feel to be acceptable for their existence. But, not every creature dares to come to LIGHT source as close in order to take its place. The creatures may only define that place, which they want to occupy in relation to LIGHT source. All the creatures, being, in fact, glowing entities, can feel their own existence only at some distance from LIGHT source, in such a way, that source would not absorb their individual light. But, at the same time each entity attracts and absorbs less glowing entities, which surround it, becoming more powerful in their light, and, gaining the possibility to be closer to the source of general LIGHT. It is a natural way of revealing the principle of hierarchy in governing the World – the World, which this or that entity organizes. There is a countless number of Worlds. They all are different, according to individual peculiarities of Entities, which organize their Worlds.

In the space of our World the SUN is the source of LIGHT, source of vital power – Power of Existence. It is – a GOVERNOR. When the SUN (its Entity) came into our space, this space started to order under its influence; and in its surrounding Entities embodied – its helpers – Planets. In fact, each Planet — this is also a small Sun (kernel of planet), around it lots of entities were produced in the form of different minerals, water, flora and fauna. Each creature on the Planet – this is also is a small sun, which produced a body around it – a system, which supports life of this Entity.  Each SYSTEM consists of a lot of small entities, which serve Entity-Governor – source of LIGHT.

The Sun gives life not only to living beings, but also it is a reason of changes, movement and development. It is the reason of TIME in the space of our World.  Cycles of day and night, winter and summer, smaller cycles during twenty-four hours and a year, inner rhythms of entities physiology , cell pulsation of body tissues and molecules, atoms and quanta.

When the GOVERNOR appears, everything must obey only to him. Only then everything will function harmoniously, as integral organism – the organism of the supreme ENTITY – the representative of the SUN in our world. In ancient times such representative among people was a King. The King – is the representative of ancient generation, which accumulated Power and is able to be responsible for other Generations, which compose a nation – the people, who live in GENERATION.  The King serves LIGHT because he is its representative. He can be governed only by the principle of LIGHT. Because, if only he moves aside this principle, his governing will come to end. People will cease to believe him and to serve him, they will hate him. That’s why the King can’t serve LIGHT. He should absorb it and gain more and more Power. People’s faith in strong and fair King is in their entity. A wish to serve LIGHT is put in us from the birth. Each of us wants to be a server of LIGHT. Even if outwardly we act destroying for ourselves and for our surrounding, primarily we are governed by our approach to LIGHT. But, don’t having the appropriate upbringing and knowledge, we make many mistakes, which close this highest aim before us. You can’t be filled with EMPTINESS. You can be filled (brought up) only by Entities, only by LIGHT. We can see and know LIGHT only thanks to LIGHT. DARKNESS can’t be seen due to DARKNESS. The joy of different feelings can be tried only thanks to LIGHT. DARKNESS – is monotony, equality, IT DOESN’T MATTER. But, it matters for LIGHT. Everything exists for LIGHT – all possibilities and all creatures, which have their places under the SUN.

The System

SYSTEM – this is something, which helps some ENTITY to be revealed and to become more powerful. It is crated by ENTITY and serves it for its demonstration and enhancement. The SYSTEM comes from ENTITY; it continues, defines and enhances it. It exists thanks to ENTITY and functions according to its principles. According to SYSTEM qualities we can define the ENTITY of what nature is the source of this SYSTEM.

If you ask such question to any reasonable man – if any team can be governed not by a concrete person, but by a SYSTEM? He will answer that it is impossible, because SYSTEM is only a tool for governing, but not a GOVERNOR.  The SYSTEM itself can’t govern; it is always secondary in relation to that man, who created it for governing, who supports it and provides with SPIRIT. The car can’t go without a man, who drives it. The company doesn’t work without its owner. Our body doesn’t live without Spirit.

I congratulate all the inhabitants of the Earth. We have successfully realized and now we repeat and consolidate the result of the experiment with ourselves, in which we achieved that now we are governed by a SYSTEM.

We were caught by the trap of our own fear – to be governed by somebody. As a result, we are governed by NOBODY, an empty place.

First of all, we refused from being governed by the POWER, which gives existence to us. We achieved it easily – just having refused to believe in its obvious presence in our life.  We started to think that we will manage to live without this POWER and declared it beyond existence, science, education, culture, society, ourselves and law.  Thus, we approximately said like this: There is no any POWER, which gives existence to us. WE ourselves give it to us by eating and perceiving different irritants of our neurons from outside. As a result, our nervous system created inside us an illusion, that there is something like Personality or Soul, which is for sure is not real in relation to body”. GOD became an illegal governor.  Does he exist in general? Substance exists for sure. And, if GOD exists – it should be proved. Who will prove? Of course, materialists, who deny GOD. They will certainly prove, if he exists or not. There is no any doubt in it. And, if GOD doesn’t exist; it means that we can ourselves manage our life. Thus, such idea appeared «WE CAN DO EVERYTHING OURSELVES”. Self-governed SYSTEM, where there is no place for GOD.

Notion “WE” – is plural. “WE” – these are SYSTEM elements. Before SYSTEM all are equal. “WE ALL ARE EQUAL”! – sounded someone’s motto. I would like to look at this man, who was the first who told it and to ask him – Are we all really equal?

I can’t believe that I am equal to other person. We live in the world of different forms of life. Even all people are very different. No one looks like the other. We all are very different. Because, we were created different. There is joy of life diversity, joy of communication with different people in it.

Having refused from obvious difference of people, we proclaimed “EQUALITY and BROTHERHOOD”, but we didn’t mention anything about that fact that we are equal only before SYSTEM or before GOD. But, due to that fact that GOD doesn’t exist, our GOD – is our SYSTEM.

That’s why, the KING – GOD deputy on the Earth – mustn’t be. There is no GOD, his deputy also mustn’t be.  We don’t care about ancient Generations, which with good faith and fidelity served GOD. Everybody must be EQUAL.

Thereafter, who will govern, if we all are EQUAL?

Among EQUAL no one can be better or worse, lower or higher. It means that the governing of the whole nation should be declared in order that everybody would govern, and everybody would be responsible for everything. Then, we will vote and elect one man, whom we will be governed by, and at the same time we all will obey to him. What a good, clever idea – “TO ELECT ONE SERVER FOR EVERYBODY, WHOM ALL WILL BE GOVERNED BY”. I am delighted with the “cleverness” of this idea. But, one thing is not clear – this elected person will govern or serve? If he governs, what is the difference between him and King? Just one thing — he doesn’t say that he is a King and is not responsible for his governing. And, if he serves, how he could manage to serve all simultaneously? It means that we all have one server. That is, one server will serve not even two men, but plenty of them. For example, if I want my server to fulfill one deal and my neighbor wants something else, what my server will do?

As a result, we started to elect for ourselves a “governor”, who says, that he is our “server”. He doesn’t take responsibility for its governing, because he is only a “server”, and is not able to serve everybody, because he is still a “governor”. But, all the nonsense is in that fact that, if my “server” doesn’t do what I tell him, I can’t even discharge him. And, if he doesn’t take responsibility for his governing over me, I can’t trust him myself, obey to him and do what he tells me.

Each person, who reads it all, will say: “That’s right, everything happens exactly in this way. Just, let our governors decide, who they are, servers or governors.”

But, in fact, this question is for each conscious man:

— Whom we serve? Or, by whom are we governed by?

As we want a democracy – governing of nation. As we go to elections of deputies and president. As we work for SYSTEM, in which nobody is responsible for everything. As we allow our children to go to school, where they don’t get knowledge, besides the one — how to work, to work for SYSTEM, in which nobody is responsible for everything. As we go to doctors, who are not responsible for our health and life, if in our treatment they fulfill all the instructions of public health SYSTEM. It turns out that this is not a doctor, who cures us, but the SYSTEM of public health. It turns out that it is not a teacher, who teaches our children, but the education SYSTEM. It turns out that it is not a Governor, who governs the country, but a country SYSTEM with its constitution.

All modern society is governed by SYSTEM. It is hard to believe. But it is so.

The SYSTEM became so powerful that even a president of separate country can’t change it. So, the president obeys to world SYSTEM. No one country will dare to oppose world SYSTEM. It doesn’t want to do so just due to that fact that it is convenient for it to be in this SYSTEM. It feeds and gives drinks, education and medicine, supplies with finance and energetic resources, provides with protection and guarantees stability.  Service SYSTEM made of it our GOVERNOR, our GOD.

No one system can exist without vivid SPIRIT. And, we can define by the qualities of this SYSTEM what SPIRIT manages this SYSTEM, what principles of all elements relations (people) are in it, how far this SYSTEM is healthy, how it is beautiful, harmonious and peaceful. As SYSTEM – this is a BODY of some SPIRIT. Light SPIRIT creates around it the BODY of light. And, where there is LIGHT, its source is always visible – its Governor, who says “I AM RESPONSIBLE FOR EVERYTHING”.

Our SYSTEM also exists, it means, that it has SPIRIT inside it. But, what is a nature of this SPIRIT. If it is – LIGHT, we have to see that person, who will take responsibility for everything. If we don’t see him, it means that it is – DARKNESS. Nobody sees the source of DARKNESS. Nobody can see the governor of DARKNESS. “DARKNESS” – we can use this word to substitute the word “MULTITUDE”. When MULTITUDE (“majority” begins to govern – then DARKNESS really governs, where nobody governs. In the centre of our SYSTEM there is a GREAT NOTHING – EMPTY PLACE, which we all serve. For convenience, at this EMPTY PLACE we can set any person, it doesn’t depend on his spiritual and moral qualities, who has to be only formal governor, but in fact, he just must serve SYSTEM, its stability and reliability. We can change people, but the SYSTEM is inviolable. Besides, it’s quite all the same for this SYSTEM, who will fill it, men or women, strong or weak, clever or not very clever.  The most important for SYSTEM is to be supported by vivid people. The more of them are involved in SYSTEM, and less they guess about existence of LIFE LAWS, but not laws of SYSTEM, the more meaningful and powerful the SYSTEM is.

EMPTY PLACE has its supporting EMPTY PLACES, and those, in their turn, have their EMPTY PLACES, which support them, and in such a way the SYSTEM is extending in lots of EMPTY PLACES. We call them “positions”, or “workplaces’, or “vacancies”. Each of these EMPTY PLACES is waiting for its admirers, who are changing one after the other, fighting with all their strength in order to get the necessary EMPTY PLACE, thinking that this is the highest aim of their life. EMPTY PLACE in SYSTEM gives authority, power, wealth, possibilities and privileges.

SYSTEM glorifies its meaningfulness and smooths over the value of SPIRIT or Entity.  The power of form becomes dominant over power of Entity. Body is more important than Spirit, substance is more important than God, profession is more important than a professional, country is more important than nation, passport is more important than a person, money is more important than human relations. Authority is empty, money is empty, education, culture, outlook and people are empty – this is a result of governing by means of EMPTY phenomenon – SYSTEM.

The Profession

Who am I?
What should I be?
What should I do?
Should I serve people?
Should I ask people, what I have to do?

«To be useful for people» — is a good motto. But, how I can serve people. They are so different. If I serve yardman, I should help him to clean up in the yard. If I help to a military man, I should shoot, help him with his military actions, but in such case I will not be able to help yardman. If I serve a gangster, I will have to rob people. Then I will not help a military man and a yardman. It doesn’t matter, whose server I am, I will not be able to serve people. I have to do what will be really useful to all people. I have to serve the phenomenon that is in everybody and gives us life. That’s why, someone else will unlikely answer my questions, but me.

In the surrounding a SYSTEM formed, which needs specialists in those areas, needed by society SYSTEM. SYSTEM prepared workplaces for its service in order that it will live and become stronger.

But, what should I do in this case?

SYSTEM says — «if you serve me, you will serve everybody». But, SYSTEM can’t be responsible for my life, my welfare, my health, and it can’t do it for other people. SYSTEM is responsible for nothing. You even don’t have anybody to ask for responsibility inside it. SYSTEM needs my body, my physical power and my mental abilities. But neither me, nor my Soul, my personality and my life.

I should myself find my place, don’t choose, what SYSTEM suggests to me. But, me myself, I don’t know what to do.

Who knows?

– That, who gave me life, who feeds me by POWER OF EXISTENCE.

Formally, my parents gave me a birth. That’s why, my father had had to tell me, what I had to do. He accumulated vital and professional experience, authority in the society. He accumulated such POWER, which can help me in life. His POWER should not be lost with him. But, SYSTEM of our society is built in such a way, that father doesn’t have time to pass all his knowledge and experience to his children. He brings them to school, where all children study the same – what is needed for SYSTEM. Experience and knowledge of fathers are lost after their death. That’s why your father couldn’t pass me his POWER. SYSTEM cared about it.

I want to be useful for somebody or for something.

For these or those people I can’t be useful, I have already understood it. It means that I have to find something, that is useful for EVERYBODY, and to start serving it. And, it would be my occupation.

What do ALL people have inside them, yardmen, scientists, and even animals, plants and all the creatures?

— Everybody is united only by one — EXISTENCE. They all EXIST, and want to EXIST better, more powerful. It means that I can be useful only for POWER, which gives EXISTENCE to everybody. If everybody has this POWER, it means, that it is in me too. It is one for all. In order to find out, what I should do, I need to appeal to POWER, which gave me birth not formally. It means that this POWER gave me not my body, but my EXISTENCE in general, in order to exist stronger, to feel life more, and then to emit it by myself, my personality, my body, my actions, my profession. This is my vital task. This POWER – is my SPIRIT, my “EGO”.

I don’t produce the power of my own EXISTENCE by my will. Most likely I use it. Everything I can do, in order to feel more its presence in myself, is to surrender myself more, in order it could capture me more. Also, I can do something, which will give me more feelings of Spirit presence – inspiration, energy and happiness. If I study something, I will study how to surrender to my Spirit more, and what to do, to make Spirit awake more inside me. I have to start my study from something simple.

At the very beginning it would be great to see in general, that I can’t sit doing nothing. It is the same, as I can’t exist by my will. Some Power continues my existence and moves me; it rules my thoughts, my emotions and body. It is even difficult for me not to move. It turns out, that fulfillment of some actions doesn’t demand efforts from me, but, vice verse, strengthens lightness, brings more energy and power. It means, that I can build all my activities in life from such  actions, and with the lapse of time I will be able to create my own occupation, where I will produce the goods, which will be in demand and useful. For sure it will be useful for me, because its creation will inspire me and give me more Spirit, more life. Even if nobody pays to me for it, my life will be getting more and more powerful. But, as my products will be done with inspiration, someone should like it. I will express the Power of Life in it. People, who surround me, will like it. When some product is done with joy, it is alive, filled with Power and always attracts attention. Let my product be not large, it will be not numerous, but it will be vivid. My activity must continue and multiply Life. It should not bear tiredness, boredom and depress. It should not bear stress and dissatisfaction. It should not be formal. I want to be alive and help giving birth to a new life.

What form should I give to the expression of my inspiration – this is a second question. First – be always inspired, be inspired by life and existence. My inspiration doesn’t belong to me. It is in me, but I don’t give it to me, but something beyond my consciousness. I am interested in this Power. I can only give a name to it – “SPIRIT”, but I can’t govern it. SPIRIT is always in me. But I can feel its Power. It can come to me, when it wants. But I can make it a permanent guest, or a friend, if I give it what it needs. And my Spirit needs to be revealed. It wants to reveal itself. It needs body for it and this body should be obedient to it. If I give my body to my Spirit, it will be very satisfied and inspired. But, how can I give my body to someone? What am I saying? If my body belongs to someone, then this is my own Spirit. Who am I? — «Ego» — this is someone, who thinks, analyzes, compares, unites and makes decisions. But, my real “Ego” – this is my Spirit. My small “ego” should serve Spirit as a child serves his father. My small “ego” thinks, that it makes some decisions that body belongs to it. But, this is exactly my small “ego” doesn’t know, what it is and what it should do. Without Spirit my small “ego” is as a left child — quite helpless.  It is time to come back to Spirit in order to clarify – who is “Ego”? In order to ask my Spirit what I should do in order to make you more powerful. Then to start acting on behalf of Spirit, make my actions up in concrete kind of activity, to make it attractive for others so others will have a desire to pay me for it in order that my product will always be with them, will inspire them and make them happy.

SYSTEM, as any other live entity also needs POWER OF EXISTENCE, which first of all comes from PROFESSIONALS – people, inspired by SPIRIT. Everybody always needs such people. Without Spirit ANYBODY needs me (DARKNESS). SPIRIT needs me with SPIRIT (LIGHT) and to all its representatives, all entities.


Devotion – is something, in reference to what we build our life, to what we strive. It feeds us by means of inspiration and living power, without what we can’t exist. To devote to something – means to go and to strive to something. To be fully devoted only to what is perfect, eternal, all-powerful, that never changes, something that is the highest and ideal. Otherwise, our devotion will be temporary, not powerful and partial.

Though, how devotion can be temporary or partial?

In such case it is not devotion, but affection or something else.

It is difficult or even impossible to be devoted to something temporary, non-perfect and not powerful. It is easy, and only in such a way it is possible to be devoted to something, that is the lightest, the most perfect, clear and eternal. From all the existing phenomena only God can be such. It is impossible to be devoted to something else. Even if we have a great desire to be devoted to something, besides God, it is simply impossible. For example, if it is a devotion to the ideals of teaching, it means that we should believe, that this teaching comes from God and leads us to God. If we have a devotion to the idea, then this idea should be the idea of God. If we have the devotion to the profession, then this profession is from God or leads to God. Otherwise we will not be able to be devoted to it. If this is a devotion to some person, it means that this man should be a clear lead of God.  We will not be able to entrust ourselves to someone, who or what is not God or doesn’t lead to him. Then, trust will be partial; it means that there will be a place for distrust. To devote – means to fully give yourself to something higher, to what you can go, it will not deceive you and you can rely on it.

In fact, we can’t event make one step, if we don’t have devotion to something. Materialism in outlook allows us to use lots of material things. Faith in the country allows us to make use of many social programs. Devotion to profession allows us to move at service stairs. We believe in something, it means that we entrust ourselves to something, for example, profession or country, teaching or man. A wife entrusts herself to her husband, only in such case a husband feels inside a Power to be responsible for his wife. If a wife entrusts herself to her husband partially, then she will be his partial wife. If a child is obedient to his father, a farther feels a Power inside him to take care of child. If a pupil fully entrusts himself to a teacher, then a teacher feels the Power of teaches inside him. A partial entrust to teacher deprives a teacher of Power to teach, and a pupil himself deprives of his pupil Power.

Our faith and devotion are weak because our “Ego” is not integral. One part of our “Ego” believes in eternal life and thinks about light and high. The second part of “Ego” just in case believes in death and is in darkness and fear. One part of “Ego” believes to husband, its other Part suspects that husband can’t manage to fulfill the task, entrusted him. We simultaneously entrust ourselves many contrary concepts and teachings. Simultaneously we have lots of thoughts, each of them achieves our faith. There are a lot of people around us, who say “Believe me! I am the only one from the others who is right”. When our “Ego” is not integral, yes, we move somehow in our life, our movement is based on faith, on devotion. But, this is a faith in plenty of different and sometimes contrary things. That’s why our movement and actions are weak. Our life becomes weak due to weak devotion. To be devoted to lots of things – it means to move in different directions simultaneously. It is difficult to think of some other way of weakening mode to move in life. Not knowing anything about Power of devotion, we deprive ourselves of Power.

Devotion and faith – are the same notions. We are given according to our faith – we are given according to our devotion. If we entrusted ourselves something – it will quickly lead us to more and more Power. The more devoted we are, the more we will be led to the great Power, and to the greatest Power – to God. If we are fully devoted to someone (something), we gave him God function, and then he will become a God. Passing ourselves to other entities, we make a God from this Entity. When wife is fully devoted to husband, her husband becomes a God for her in a direct sense of this word. His husband becomes all-powerful, almighty and perfect. But, by this the devotion of wife must be absolute. The absolute pupil’s devotion to his teacher makes a God from the teacher. If we want to feel God, we must develop our devotion.

It is better not to change the object of devotion, because during the period of devotion development to it, we gain more and more Power. If we change the devotion object, then we lose all the Power and support gained from the devotion object. Then, you have to start gaining Power from the very beginning. It is ideally to continue devoting to that object, which our ancestors were devoted to. Then we get all the Power, gained by our ancestors from generation to generation.  The devotion to some teaching, which is being inherited from generation to generation, makes this teaching more and more effective and powerful. The devotion to God – this is a devotion to our most ancient Forefather and Foreteacher, this is the most ancient devotion, that’s why it is the most Powerful.   The highest devotion can be only to God. We can be devoted to God only in our Spirit. But, besides, Spirit, we have a body, that wants to eat and to get different kinds of Powers. At this level we also should be devoted to that object, relatively to which we will move in body. We strive for getting something like God here, on the Earth, and thanks to it to gain a supporting Power for us. It is good here, on the Earth, to choose one object, to which we can serve like God. It can be an idea, a man, an organization or even a common stone, which was found in the street. As far as we are devoted to this object, thing or a man, we will feel a sizeable help and support in our life. But, earlier or later we will come to that fact that final thing can be a support only for something final, for example, body. A thing will never become God for Spirit. A thing can be lost, a man can go away or die, the organization can break down. The Power, based on something not eternal, will be temporary. Besides, the service to two masters, to God and to something else, makes our devotion not complete. When we are approaching to the old age, our devotion to final things should come to end, but a devotion to God in Spirit should gain the highest power.

Till the man is a child concerning the power of his Spirit, God – is an abstraction for him.

How can I be devoted to abstraction?

Till God is abstract for us, our devotion will be abstract too. For those, who need great concretization, it is easier to believe in the existence of tree, clouds, river or sea, some other thing or object, man or organization.

Whom should I serve?
What should I build my life around?
What can I make the most omnipotent Power from?

— From something, that is the most stable in our life, in the field of our consciousness.

If we look at our life, we can find the most stable phenomenon in it, in which we are sure, that it exists and it doesn’t change, it doesn’t matter how much time of our life passed. This is our “Spirit” or the feeling of “I AM”. Having given him our body and everything, which it feels from outer space; it means that having given him all our life, we can make our Spirit the most powerful entity in our life. And, we give to Spirit even surface aspects of our “Ego”, it means that we will give him our individuality with all our personal interests. Then our Spirit will become like a Husband, who has the most devoted wife (body and individual Soul), or like a Teacher, who has the most devoted pupils.  Having given to our Spirit our body and our individual peculiarities of Soul, we become to be devoted to the deepest Power in life, as far as we are devoted to it; we become more and more powerful reality of our life. We become to be devoted to the Power of Existence – that Power, which gives life to everything. We become to be devoted to God.

The essence of the vegetarianism

The disputes regarding benefit and harm of vegetarianism have been held for many years. Quite logistic proofs pro and contra are given.  Scientific researchers are cited, one of them convincingly prove the benefit of vegetarianism, the others – the necessity to eat meat. The discrepancy of different scientific researches regarding vegetarianism influences health and other aspects of life, suggests that their results directly depend on what camp the researches belong to. End, this dispute will continue till modern science and materialistic outlook are popular in the society.

«The substance produces consciousness», «Life is a way of existing protein bodies» — these are the main concepts of materialism, which turn everything upside down, and that’s why a head “sees” everything vice versa.

Fortunately, a MAN – is, first of all, a CONSCIOUSNESS, which at different levels of its reveal is presented as his “EGO, MENTALITY, EMOTIONS, INTELLECT AND BODY. Body – is also an expression of consciousness, curiously enough it sounds for the materialists. Or, we speak from the point of view of the objective science, body –is an expression of the single field, vacuum, from which all the energies, atoms, molecules, etc. consist — up to the expressions of body.  But, the very idea about man’s physiology is lying much deeper than level of molecules, atoms or even energies. Physiology in non-revealed qualities exists in a single field – the field of consciousness, and on the basis of these qualities quanta of energies, fields, atoms, molecules, cells, tissues, organs and body in the whole are lined up.

Depending on qualities, which are accumulated in the consciousness and in all its other structures, which form a man, he prefers such food.

The notion “food” should not be understood too literally. It includes everything that we perceive through all our sense organs. If we see something or smell, or feel – it is the same food that we eat. The difference is in the degree of sophistication or rudeness of this food. It explains that fact that some people can eat nothing for years and they remain alive and healthy. One of such persons lives in India. He allows to scientist to research him. The scientists confirm this phenomenon, but they can’t explain it from the point of view of objective science. By this, this man doesn’t conceal that he is fed by sun energy.  Several hours per day he spends looking at rising and setting sun. And, irrespective from all the “scientific”  researches, taken together, which prove the necessity of proteins, fats, carbohydrates and vitamins in food, by his life he simply destroys them like a cards houses of the materialistic science, which is based on the concept of that fact that it is necessary to eat meat.

More developed consciousness is able to enjoy sophisticated tastes and qualities of food, even if it is just boiled rice without salt and oil. There are people, who are satisfied with the handful of rice during a day. Others eat only fruits. For some others cereals, fruits or vegetables are not enough. They need meat. For some people to eat meet is the same necessity as yoga – to be fed by sun energy. He will die without meat. Why? – Because the qualities of his consciousness need such food. Lighter and cleaner food seems to him fresh and tasteless. He will not get satisfaction from it; it means that he will be hungry. Hunger will be destroying his body.

Does it mean that if I want to eat meet, I have to eat it?

Life is integral. That’s why, if a man eats meet, it involves him in the particular style of life. It makes him think in a particular way, to feel, wish and act according to the qualities of this food.

What are these qualities?

Meat has such qualities: “destruction”, “death”, “decomposition”, “dirtiness”. Feeding our consciousness and all its structures (Ego, intellect, feelings, mentality and body) by such qualities, a man becomes destructive.  He becomes more irritated, aggressive, his behavior looks like the behavior of a predator. His intellect notices the aggression of other people, and it supports in him the confidence in correctness of his behavior. His feelings are satisfied by shows of violence and death. In his body decomposition dominates over regenerating processes. It leads to intoxication, organism constipation by decay products, and it in its turn leads to diseases. But, the most important is that man’s consciousness becomes much ruder, it doesn’t notice subtle (divine) levels of life, forming by this materialistic thinking, which refuses moral existence as it is, the highest knowledge, spirituality and the Creator. And, it involves a person into all grave sins, for which he pays by his suffering.

Why does meat have such qualities?

The body as it is – this an expression of inert qualities (solid, immovable, etc.) We can say that all the substance this is an expression of inert qualities, at which our life comes to “end”. That’s why, when we eat substance, we structure these qualities in consciousness and man’s body. And, his body will be materialistic. Depending on that fact, how much a man will be able to eat clean, spiritual energy and less materialistic, his body will become more and more spiritual, subtler, more divine, there will be less decomposition and break up. The proof of it may be that fact that the bodies of saint people are not decomposed after their death or this process becomes very slow – it depends on sanctity (clearness) of this man.

Why is the use of vegetable food more useful than use of meat?  Vegetables are also material, aren’t they?

There is a substance with more or less dominated qualities of dirtiness or more or less dominated qualities of clearness, revival, life, happiness, etc. It doesn’t always correspond to that fact if this food is of vegetable or animal nature. For example, onion and garlic are not clean by their qualities; their usage gives ignorance, because intellect becomes inert. Though, they are plants. At the same time milk and baked milk have the qualities of cleanness and their usage gives clear intellect, health and happiness. Though, they are of animal nature. Vegetables can also be different concerning their qualities. For example, potato gives more dirtiness, than beet. Mushrooms are dirtier than potato.

Meat is a dead body, it doesn’t matter under what sauce it is presented. The moment of killing and death colors animal’s consciousness by such qualities as – destruction, suffering and death. It means that these qualities are present in all its structures up to body.  In plants this process of death is not so conscious by them (plants) and is not as quick as with animals. The plant, after its cutting, remains alive for a long period of time. Fruits in comparison with vegetables, after their usage in food, give more health and happiness, because they were grown up by Nature in order that people eat them, distribute the seeds and fertilize.

«Materialists» think that influence of consciousness and its subtle qualities on the substance is not very considerable and is not determinative, because according to their belief, substance is the basis of consciousness. It is easily denied by scientific researches, conducted, for example, with water molecules. The experiment was in researching the structure of frozen water molecules. As far as molecules were frozen, ordered water structure appeared in the form of crystals or snowflakes. Besides, the structure wasn’t always the same. Sometimes it was more ordered, sometimes more random. Scientists could not understand for a long period of time, what it depends on. Knowing the vibration nature of all physical world, first, what they researched, was influence of sounds on water.  Near the researched water they turned on music. Then, this water was frozen and scientists researched crystals structure. They discovered that classic music creates very ordered, sophisticated and beautiful crystals. At the same time rock music creates more disrupt and rude structures. Then, they began to use the influence of words. Near the water they pronounced some words for several times. Such pattern was noticed, if they pronounced the words with negative meaning, then the structure of water was not ordered, while positive words created beautiful structures. Scientists went further in order to determine, what influences more – the meaning of word or its annotation. They just glued on different glasses of water different inscriptions. For example, for one glass the words “joy”, “kindness” or “happiness’. On the others – “destruction”, “death”, etc. The glasses were left with such inscriptions on them for some time, and then this water was researched. The situation repeated – the same was with words, which were pronounced aloud. It means that negative inscriptions gave random, disrupt crystals structure, while positive inscriptions created beautiful, ordered crystals.

It explains us that fact that it doesn’t matter – if this man a vegetarian or not. It is important, what qualities he is fed by. If somebody eats only vegetable food, but at the same time watches box or horror movies, this person becomes filled with it. The result is the same as with people, who eat meat. And, it is difficult for such person not to eat meat. Or, for example, heavy and exhausting physical work also influences, it fills man’s consciousness with qualities of burden, rudeness and inertness.

If I eat meat and I like it, if it means that I am condemned to degradation?

The wish to live clearer and happier life was primarily laid in man. It is more sophisticated, deep and powerful than wish to eat meat.  But, due to its sophistication it requires calmness and revival in order to be perceived.

Also, much depends on place where a man lives – in what natural, cultural and other conditions. If the dweller of Far North stops eating fish and meat, he will be neither healthy nor satisfied. In those conditions of life, where he lives – it is natural to eat meat, because there is nothing else there to eat. It is a great luck for him to catch a seal; this is a comfort, prosperity, satiety, health and satisfaction. It is all is supported by culture, outlook, social organization, etc. Besides, killing the animals, Chukchi before and after it make some saint actions, where they beg pardon from Nature and animal, that they had to kill it in order to survive. That’s why, in spite of that fact that they eat meat, if simultaneously the culture of consciousness development and integral understanding of world and life are supported, then degradation will not take place. It proves us again that life is integral. If Chukcha eats meat in order to survive, then a modern man of Western culture eats it due to ignorance, rudeness, absence of knowledge and moral principles, depravity and indulgence to its selfish aims.   By this, bringing an enormous harm to himself and to everything in nature, he doesn’t realize it. It is the same as he is a mad person. The danger is exactly in underdevelopment of consciousness and, as a result – absence of knowledge. If a man goes in for revival and development of consciousness, research of his real “Ego” he will automatically feel more and more how a new food influences him.  And, even if he still has some desire to eat meat, he understands, that it happens due to that fact that there are some remains of dirtiness left in him, which require food. As far as consciousness and body are refined, this desire will be disappearing. It is important to be attentive to your feelings, in order not to eat meat just by habit, but not due to that fact that body needs it.

But, if our body still needs meat, you should not create effort in yourself in order to abstain from it anyway.  Because, effort – this is also a quality of inertness, dirtiness, ignorance, dissatisfaction and absence of life. If a man, wishing a quick evolution will abstain from meat, this effort will be destroying him, and through thoughts and actions it will destroy all the surrounding. A man will be evil and dissatisfied.

Nature doesn’t like hurry, even in evolution. It is important to realize your level of consciousness, your weak and strong sides in order to understand – from where and where I should go and on what speed. The word “UNDERSTAND” we may correlate with word “REALIZE”, which in its turn directly connected with level of conscious revival. Thus, go in for development or conscious revival, harmful habits of malnutrition will disappear without necessity to restrict you in something. In such a way a dispute between “Vegetarians” and “Those who eat meat” can be settled.     Because those “Who eat meet” don’t like in the vegetarianism because they think it is connected with abstention through efforts and tension. All their proofs and scientific researches – this is only the way to justify the unwillingness to move from their life something, that gives them satisfaction. They have so little satisfaction, and some vegetarians want to take even it.

Now we can understand that life is evolutionary, and due to that fact that life — is the bliss, then evolution should come through bliss.

The realization of that fact that I had to eat dead bodies, led me to vegetarianism. I began to feel defiance to food with meat (and smells), and even sometimes I say caustic remarks regarding this question. But, I don’t want people, who are not vegetarians, feel uncomfortable with me.

Disgust or strong unwillingness this is a reverse side of strong desire. These are like two ends of one stick. If you take one end, the other can painfully hit you. A strong unwillingness to eat meat is so harmful as willingness to eat it. Because having this feeling of disgust, on the level of consciousness a man experiences a harmful influence of what provokes this feeling inside him. In this case a man doesn’t eat meat only formally. But, in fact, he eats it and experiences suffer by this, what is worse. It looks like a process of self-reproach, may be for subconscious desire to eat meat or uncertainty in that fact that he really doesn’t need meat. In any case, the best attitude to meat food, this is a complete indifference to it.

The second question — is an attitude to those people, who eat meat. This is only the question of patience, calmness, wisdom and other simple moral-ethical man’s qualities.  Vegetarianism doesn’t refer to it. If a man is a vegetarian, and he understands that in his community it is not quite popular, he can just act rather tactfully, in order not to provoke tension neither in other people nor in himself. However, it refers to any aspects of relations, but not only food. Of course, there should be an understanding of that fact that each person has the right to live according to his nature. We don’t become irritated because a dog in the street eats a bone. Because we understand that this is its nature. Also, we can’t become irritated because this man doesn’t eat meat. May be still “yesterday” (or in his former life) he was a dog, and his habits haven’t managed to reform yet.  This is his personal evolution and nobody has the right to judge him for it. Of course, he will answer before Nature for all those, whom he ate. But, let Nature examine it. Every person should first of all take care of his own evolution.

I want to become a vegetarian. What should I start from and how to reform mode of thinking?

I would like to answer this question by paraphrasing the famous expression “If you want to be a vegetarian – be him”. But, in fact, the very man’s desire to become a vegetarian means that he is almost a vegetarian. Otherwise, we can say that a man is on the way of conscious development, the final point of it is a complete freedom from ignorance, and as a result, freedom from diseases and sufferings, just freedom.

Reform of thoughts is a difficult process for many people. And, for some of them, it is practically impossible within one life. It happens because subtler principles rule over the ruder ones. But, not vice verse. The qualities of our consciousness form our emotions, thoughts, body and behavior. That’s why, if man’s consciousness is marked by rude qualities, inertness, dirtiness, passion, it is difficult for a man to change such subtle level of life – as level of thinking. As a rule, such people are less inclined to use clean, fresh and light food. And, naturally, they justify it by some of their emotions, thoughts, theories, etc. If a man has already realized the necessity of using clean food according to its qualities, it means that his consciousness had already been enough clarified, and in his soul he is a vegetarian.  Even, if this tendency hasn’t quite revealed yet, it exists, as a seed, which will sprout soon. It needs to be “watered” by those qualities, which we want to see in the fruits of this future “tree”. Practically it can be done by using in food cleaner, lighter and fresher, etc. qualities. And, it is necessary to decrease the contact of sense organs with qualities of dirtiness, passion, burden, rudeness, ignorance, etc. It means that a man should avoid watching horror films, violence, negative information, etc. In food a person has to differentiate those products, which have similar qualities. People, with whom we communicate, also influence us greatly. That’s why, in ancient treatises about Ayurveda (Vedic medicine) we can read that if a man wants to support a good health, he is not recommended to communicate with atheists. This recommendation may seem to be a “medieval obscurantism” for materialists-atheists. But, in fact, it has a quite scientific basis (scientific from the point of view of Ayurveda, but not a modern medicine). A man – is not an isolated system. He is constantly communicating with these or those qualities of life. And, due to that fact that a man is a social entity, he is constantly communicating with these or those people, who express some emotions, say something, do something, and by this they influence their surroundings. And, everything it takes place in those qualities, which are present in them. Atheistic thinking – this is just the mark of that fact that clean, subtle or divine levels of life are hidden for a man. And, there is only a perception of material levels. The reason of it is a quality of consciousness. And, he colors his surrounding by this conscious quality. If we contact with a cheerful man, we laugh. When we communicate with a sad man, we are sad. Communicating with atheist, we are infected by those qualities, which give him such attitude to life. But, even atheist, if he thinks about life really open-mindedly, then, scientifically, sometime later he can become a vegetarian. Especially, if he communicates with spiritual people.

To sum it up: in order to reform thinking in the direction of vegetarianism, it is necessary to learn how to differ fundamental qualities of life in yourself and in the surrounding. And, then to prefer those of them, which are useful for you. Vedic sciences can help you differentiate fundamental qualities, in particular, Ayurveda. It is necessary to start showing a little interest in it, to communicate more with those people, who are also interested in it. Gradually the necessary qualities will be accumulated, and you will not even notice that you became a complete vegetarian. Not by ideological believes, but by that fact that it would be more pleasant for you to eat light, fresh and clean food than rude, dead and dirty. Only then you will be a vegetarian not by form, but by essence.

Man and Woman

Men and women. Why are we so different?

It seems that we didn’t decide, if we should be different and if there should be two sexes on the Earth. They just exist. And, there are no three or four sexes. There are only two. The Creator of our world did so. He wanted us to be different. Our Power is in our difference. Man’s Power is in woman’s weakness. Woman’s Power is in man’s weakness. Man and woman want to unite with each other in order to complete lack of Power in each other and to gain the Power of unite. This is the Power, from which Man’s and Woman’s Powers came of and try to gain it again. All the opposites are united in something one in it. This is a condition of the Creator. Man and Woman strive to gain the Creator’s condition. For it each of them wants to unite with other man – the representative of the Power, the lack of which they have. We all go for Power. It doesn’t matter what we do in life, we do it only to become more powerful and to gain Power. We join lots of other entities to ourselves, to our entity in order they will make us more powerful. The other entity is the entity of another sex. The most opposite are the people of the opposite sex. We don’t have choice. The Creator gave only one opposite sex for each of sexes. The more opposite is the other sex, the stronger will be the relations. The Power of relations is in difference of sexes. The more is the difference between man and woman, the stronger relations will be between them.

How do Man and Woman appear?
Where do they come from?

If we look deep inside us, we can mark, that everything that is inside us, exists on the background of our Consciousness. Our Consciousness is the Creator of everything, that is in us, all that, which we call life. The first feeling, which comes from our Consciousness, is the feeling that “I am, I exist”. If you look in yourself, you can feel that your “Ego” is somewhere deep in the center, concentrated, alive, is the source of our existence, hot, strong, permanent, unique, great, the most important in our life. We build our life around our “Ego”. It gives us sense of existence and inspires to make it more powerful. If God exists, he is in the depth of our “Ego”, as our Governor. Our “Ego” is his representative here, in body, on the Earth. Of course, our “Ego” – it is not a God himself. He is the essence of our “Ego”, of a man. A man is scrutinizing at his “Ego” in his desire to cognize God.

Our first feeling, regarding which we build our life, is the feeling that “I am”. The second natural feeling, which comes from “Ego” – is the feeling that “I perceive, I feel”. Our “Ego” perceives and feels. This feeling is on the periphery from “Ego”. It helps our “Ego” to feel better. It is plural, sophisticated, and soft; it tenderly mantles our “Ego” by lots of feelings, creating a pleasant, soft cover. Thus, considering any existing phenomenon, we can see that it has an inner centre, single, located in the center, which is the source of this phenomenon. It doesn’t matter, if it is an atom, a vivid cell, or a Planet, or a solar system. There is an inner world in every existing phenomenon – the essence of this phenomenon. And, that is surround entity: electrons around atom, cytoplasm around cell kernel, planets around sun. If we look at our body, we will also see a central structure – a spine, bones and periphery structures – soft parts of body. In any phenomenon we see the reveal of two fundamental Powers, which show themselves in any existing phenomenon or system with similar qualities. In the center — there is something single, concentrated, hot, stable, and powerful. On the periphery – there is something soft, plural, changing, absorbing, which accepts the influence from single center. Ancient wise men called these Powers Surya (Sun) and Chandra (Moon). The same two Powers are revealed in mankind – in the form of two sexes. The entire universe is penetrated by these two Powers. Nobody can go against these Powers. These are the Powers Surya and Chandra, which give existence and prosperity to everything in our universe. Those, who honor these Powers, use all the possibilities. Those, who don’t know them, always have a lack, infringements, failure, obstacles and trouble. .

Man and Woman are in each of us. A Man – is our “Ego”. A Woman – is our “Perceive, feel”. They are in our consciousness, penetrate our personality and create our physiology and all our surrounding. In men the Power Surya (Sun) reveals itself more, creating more powerful Spirit and more powerful central body structures – central nervous system, spine and bones. In Women the Power Chandra (Moon) reveals itself more, creating more loyal personality, sensual and intuitive, and giving more soft body parts in order to increase sensuality. Accordingly, inside us there are ideal Man and Woman, who have ideal relations. They hope to reveal themselves at all levels of our personality existence and our life. But, on the very surface of life level – on the level of society, we managed to lose contact with these two main Powers of life, and we drown in complicated concepts regarding that fact, what ideal relations should be. There is no sense to argue about it. It is enough to look at the relations of our Spirit (Personality) and our Body. Such should be the relations between man and woman. If we want to make our relations more perfect, we have to know, where to look for perfection. Our Spirit is the representative of Power Surya, our body – of Power Chandra. Accordingly, a Man is the representative of Spirit; a Woman plays the function of Body. It doesn’t matter, that all men for all women are the representatives of Spirit, and all women are the representatives of Body for all men. Only for his Woman a Man plays the function of their relations Spirit. Only for his Man a Woman plays the role of their relations Body.

When Spirit goes somewhere, Body goes there too. Body without Spirit will be destroying. Spirit can exist without Body, because it is God Body. God puts on individual Souls in order to reveal himself in our world. Otherwise, we can say that our Soul is the body of our Consciousness. Till there is Consciousness in the individual Soul, the Soul will exist. Till there is a Soul (Spirit) in the body, the body will be alive. It is difficult for Woman to live without Man, because he is her Spirit. He gives her Power to exist. If there is no man near woman, woman doesn’t know what to do, why she exists. If there is no Spirit in man, he doesn’t know what to do, why he exists. A Man in relation to God (Surye) is the perceivable part (Chandra). A Man looks at his Spirit with hope to find God there.  A Woman looks at her man with hope to find God there. Both, man and woman listen to God in the Spirit of man.

A Man is directed in such a way in order to realize himself more, realize his existence more, and feel himself more powerful on the whole. A Man wants to set his “Ego” and extend himself on everything that is around him, in order to feel stronger. A Woman is directed in such a way in order to absorb everything that man beams from himself. She wants to absorb the whole man. A Woman represents that sphere, where a man tries to spread himself. Besides a woman a man strives to distribute himself in the outer life. A Woman – this a man’s life in miniature, where he tries to expand himself, his order, laws and principles, to realize himself , to achieve the condition of all possibilities, of complete freedom and harmony with himself. A Woman only helps him to realize that, not revealing her personal “Ego”. A Woman donates her personal “Ego” to her man, as body donates itself to Spirit. Men relevantly donate the interests of their body to that idea, which they want to achieve. Body follows a Spirit obediently; it is absorbed by it completely. A woman is filled with man, becomes to be like him, adjusts to his habits and interests, and helps him even in those deals, which can bring harm to her personally. She is interested only in constant feeling of her man, to be completely obedient to him – her Spirit. In the same way body strives to completely adjust with her source – with the Creator, to be obedient to him. Woman listens to her Man with all her body. It vibrates under impulses, which come from Man. Woman mantles by herself even the subtlest impulses of Man. Due to this impulses, which come from man, become more influential, more expressed, tighter. A man feels better, what comes from him and who he is. A woman by the Power of Chandra helps him feel better, his Power – Surya. A man gives a woman the entity, around which she builds her life. He gives an idea; she orders her thoughts around this idea. He gives inspiration, she orders her emotions and feelings around this inspiration. He gives her a physical entity of future child, she orders her body around him and feeds him by her body. Everything that comes from man, a woman picks up and gives body to it – alive cover. Embodiment takes place – Spirit comes into Body, into dense spheres of life. Also, Nature gives embodiment to different Spirits, which came to our world. The Earth is the receiving part, which attracts fiery nature of this or that Spirit to come to Earth. The Earth is like an ovule, which is waiting for the man’s sperm, is waiting for her Spirit in order to give him embodiment and then Power that he could move further to higher Spirit condition, to higher worlds. Accompanying her man in development of his Spirit, a woman is herself growing spiritually. A Spiritual practice for woman is her man. It is better for woman not to go in for some other spiritual practice except her man. Spiritual practice is the development of ability to feel your Spirit. Woman’s Spirit is her Man. Her practice of Spirit development must be listening to man’s Spirit. She with all her possibilities helps her Spirit (man) to go to greater power. Also, our body helps us to realize the aspirations of our Spirit. A Woman finds joy in her function to help man feel his Spirit more; it is like a man finds his joy in his continuation of the creator entity, in order to help him feel his entity better.  In fact, this is the function of woman. More detailed functions of woman are subordinated to this main function.

When we use the notion “woman”, in fact we mean a person, who fulfills a receiving function.   By notion “woman” we mean only mission of this Soul on our Earth in relation to other Soul, which fulfills the function of a “man”. When a society began to prepare a woman for work in order to “become a full-fledged member of the society”, she stopped to fulfill her function for her sole man. She began to serve lots of other “men”. For example, she serves to her boss, if even he is a woman, or her work, if even it is not a person. In any case, she began to separate herself from her man and to serve something else. A man also started to serve not only the Creator, but also many other gods – work, boss, country or something else. As a result, a woman was filled not only with her man, but with lots of other entities. A man was filled not only with the Creator, but with lots of other entities, which gained him and took aside from the Spiritual way. Escape from the Spiritual way took place gradually, when a man started to deflect his attention more on pleasures, on something, which should fulfill the additional function. He began to make a God from his pleasures, and took away his attention from his source – from the Creator. He began to feel his Creator less, and with the lapse of time he lost sight from him at all. When a woman sees that a man becomes weaker, tried to help him more, revealing her nature – to give pleasures, by which she distracted her man from his Spirit more. But, a woman is just fulfilling her natural function. She can give to her man only what she is. At some moment a man gave away to his weakness, and, then his helper (a woman) became a God for him. Sexual Power worship — this is worship to Woman. Sexual Power – this is a Power of Pleasure. Also, we get it with food, with feeling of comfort and with the sense of beauty. When a man places these things on the first place, he goes away from his way. While, for a woman it is quite natural to attach importance to these things, but only in the context of her man. A woman goes in for comfort, cooking, creation of things, which bring beauty and pleasure to her man. Something, that is good for a woman, is harmful for a man. And everything, that is good for a man, is harmful for a woman. Men and women represent completely opposite by their qualities Powers, which are meant only for each other, but which fulfill opposite functions.

A man with a weak Spirit irritates a woman. A woman that is weak in her feminine qualities irritates a man. When such weak in Power man and woman meet, irritation becomes their usual condition.

A modern society is a vivid example of people’s life with weak spirits, who lost almost all their guidelines. Everything is upside down in it. Those things, which corrupt and destroy people, their relations and health, they are accepted as ideal. “Equality! Freedom! Democracy!” – the society summons. Though, who is concretely summons is not clear. “Society” summons. But, if you ask each person separately, everybody blames the “democracy”, each person realizes, that equality is impossible in this world of multiple forms of life, no freedom in the world of edges.

Who takes responsibility for this way, which our society goes?
– Nobody.

“Nobody” summons us to quality. It’s darkness. Nobody sees the darkness. It is impossible to see the darkness, because there is no light. But everybody can see the light. It is bright and expressive. Nowadays, those people, who have to declare about their responsibility, shyly refer to democracy and equality.

Is a man equal to a woman?
Is an adult equal to a child?

Is a man with powerful Spirit equal to that one, who thinks only about food, sex and other pleasures?

Of course, we are the entities of one system of our world. But each system works according to the principle of hierarchy, managed from one center. There should be system elements that take responsibility for themselves, the governors of this or that system level. There are some system elements, which take responsibility of some executors of this or that system level. There is no equality or democracy in any alive system and has never been. The system is obeyed to principles, which are not elected by means of voting. We can’t vote for the laws of the universe, they are just executed. If some people try to avoid these laws, then by their own experience they realize that it doesn’t worth doing. Thus, Life protects itself from destroying. There are obvious signs that our society and people, which form it – are destroying.

What should we do?

— To come back home, where we came from, in our simplest conscious conditions and relations. This is a way of Powers. A man should move in his Power, a woman in her Power. We can recognize our Power by that body, which we got in this life. If we have a masculine body, it helps us to fulfill the function of a man (Surya). If we have a feminine body, then we have the Power of a Woman (Chandra). Our bodies are the expression of those Powers, in which we live and which support us. Why should we think over something, which doesn’t exist, while Powers of Life already exist in order to help us to live? In order to use the help of Life Powers it is enough just not to resist them, don’t disregard them. A Man’s mission is to listen to his Spirit, to let him reveal through him, expand his influence on woman (on his surrounding) and take responsibility for it (his surrounding). It doesn’t take a lot of efforts from him. He does it with pleasure and with the feeling of coming Power. A woman’s mission is to absorb a Man in her, his Spirit. It is pleasant for her to do it. It doesn’t take efforts from her. On the contrary, the more she absorbs him, the more Power she feels. Of course, it happens, when man and woman fit each other.

Then, the following question appears. How can I find my man or my woman?

We should not forget that man and woman are quite different, opposite by the entity qualities. Thereafter, they have a different way of choosing a partner in life. But, there is something in common, which unites man and woman on the social level. This is a general notion – a generation.


Generation – this is an ancient Power, which comes from the Creator and makes the stream, which exists in time. Souls are born in this stream; their function is to support the existence of Generation and to strengthen it in God qualities. Strengthening of Generation takes place by means of strengthening the Spirit of a separate Generation member and joining Generation to more powerful Generation by means of marriage (union). Generation is growing and developing exactly like a tree.  A tree, besides rough food through roots, absorbs thin entities from outer space and from the Sun, and joins it to its Spirit. The higher becomes the tree, the higher entities it eats. It becomes more powerful and more and more influences all the surrounding. The level of this or that Generation influence on the surrounding is determined by its Power. The most powerful is the King Generation. From Generation to Generation the ancestors of this Generation had been cleaning their Spirit by means of different spiritual deeds, cared about purity and Generation Power.  Each descendant got the greatest Power of his ancestors. He didn’t have to accumulate the Power from the very beginning. He was born already with large potential of luck – support of Life Powers. Each of ancestors served Generation, fulfilling his function, his duty. We all have a duty before our ancestors. They gave us their accumulated Power in advance. With help of this Power the descendants get that status, which their ancestors deserved by means of their spiritual work. The duty of the descendants is continue serving the Generation. To serve the Generation –  is the same as serve Spirit or God. The word “Generation” means “God” in Old Slavonic. That’s why, the main leads of Generation in the family are men, notably – the head of the family, the father of the family.

A boy, who was born in the family, is under his mother’s care for the first four years. The mother fills his body and emotional sphere, gives him the ability to absorb and to feel. By four years a boy begins to realize his “Ego”, his personality and tries to use it in order to influence the surrounding. By this time he needs the leading father’s Power, whom by this time a boy respects as his idol, as ideal of a man, to whom he will strive. Each boy in this age wants to look like his father. The father starts to fill his Spirit. The notion “upbringing” means “to fill again”. Father fills his child with those Spirit qualities, which he got from his Generation and himself revived by his pious behavior. From four till sixteen a boy gets the upbringing from father. From sixteen till twenty-four a youth comes into society in order to master his profession practically and start earning his own living. During this period he goes through challenges in society in order to feel his Power and his place in society.  By twenty-four a man should be ready to take responsibility for other person, that’s why he can get married and settle down a family. He chooses a girl from that Generation, which corresponds to his qualities. He does it not only personally for himself, but for all his Generation. His father passed him the responsibility for their Generation.  A young man understands that his luck and luck of his children completely depend on that fact, if his ancestors are satisfied with his actions. The most ancient ancestor of all Generations is the Creator. He is a Forefather. The other ancestors are the representatives of God in their Generation during this or that time. Now, a young man feels that he represents the Creator himself for his future family. That’s why, he chooses his bride responsibly.  She has to help him in his Generation service (God). She has to be obedient to him, otherwise it will be very difficult for him to fulfill his function. If we compare the motivations of two young men, where one of them one brought up outside Generation, we will see a considerable difference.

People without generation – these are the people, who don’t care about their Generation. They are week in their Spirit, they are not supported by their Generation, and, consequently, they don’t have luck in their life. A direct consequence of Generation Power absence – is a low level of responsibility. The more powerful is Generation, the more responsible are the people, who make it up.  King Generation has the largest responsibility. If a young man is without generation, all the more through marriage to enter some powerful Generation. Every time, when he meets somebody, he has to say, what Generation he is from. If doesn’t have his Generation, or his Generation is not known, there will be a little trust to him. He has to prove form the very beginning that he is powerful and responsible.

A girl is brought up in Generation in a quite different way. She is with her mother all the time, from her she learns how to be sensual, perceptive, soft, gentle, acceptable, attentive, sophisticated, how to attract luck for a man by means of different natural Powers. She has an example of the ideal man – her father. She serves her father and in such a way she learns to serve her future husband. The word “to serve” doesn’t mean abase, to be a slave and something like this. She serves her husband Spirit and looks after his body, clothes, house, and housekeeping, everything that is around her husband Spirit.  She is Chandra – this is the Power that is around Surya, which mantles Surya by lots of Powers makes Surya more powerful, more expressed. A girl learns how to possess a lot of Powers, which will help her husband’s Spirit feel more powerful. A father is that Sun, around which two moons are rotating – mother and daughter or several daughters.

Among women there is no any competition and jealousy in relation with that man, who is responsible for them. Though, a man is one, and there are several women. For example, a man (Surya) joins his Generation as many wives, as he considers necessary in order to feel more powerful.  But, of course, if he takes too many wives, he may have lack of power in order all of them were satisfied and continued to respect him. If he becomes weaker because of his extreme responsibility, his wives may stop respecting him and then he, instead of luck and Power, will get problems and destruction of his life. Women thanks to the Power of a man, leaning on his Surya Power, have natural Powers of life.  If these Powers become uncontrollable, they can be destructive, when a woman loses her connection with her man. When a woman behaves incorrectly in relation to her husband, she cuts her off himself. Then, Life Powers, which fill her, begin to destroy her. Thus, depressions, hysterics, physiological and physical dis-balance, diseases in body begin. Thereafter, her man also has big problems in life, and even the danger of his death appears. That’ why, a man marries as many wives, as ha can take responsibility for, that is, according to his Power. From her childhood a woman is brought up in a complete trust to a man, like a child that fully trusts his farther. In order to have the best things, which he can have, it is enough for a child to be obedient to his farther. A girl is brought up by her parents in such qualities till the moment when she gets married.

How can she find her husband?

She doesn’t look for him. A man himself finds her. A girl doesn’t leave her parents. She is always under her father’s protection. She is protected by him from outer influences. He impregnated her only with those things, which correspond to their Generation. She is free from other influences. She has only one man – her farther. When she grows up, a father chooses from potential bridegrooms that man, who corresponds to his feelings, his outlook, his status, his Power. He chooses a husband for his daughter, who will look like he.  In fact, he chooses his son. A daughter accepts his choice, because he is her God. She trusts him completely. A father knows better in the context of their Generation, what husband is better for his daughter. Even nowadays every farther, who has a daughter, feels it. He knows exactly, that his daughter mustn’t communicate with other men till marriage. She absorbs everything, which she contacts with. He brought her up in such a way. That’s why, of course, he is very attentive to those with whom his girl communicates. He strictly follows that she wouldn’t absorb something, that doesn’t correspond to him, can weaken their Generation, and disgrace the name of their Generation.  His daughter – this is a future Life of his Generation. When he chooses a husband for his daughter, he chooses the one, who will be the Spirit of his Generation in future. This is a direct responsibility of father. A daughter just helps her father fulfill his responsibility. She doesn’t think about herself. She thinks how to satisfy her father, to make him feel that he fulfilled his duty. If a daughter doesn’t let her father fulfill his duty, she prevents her Generation from strengthening. Thereafter, it will bring her negative results in her life and in life of future generations.

The generations appeared from forefather of all the generations – Heavenly father, and they try to come to him by joining with more powerful Generation. A father of the family cares how to strengthen his Generation by means of pious behavior of each family member and by means of union with more powerful Generation. Eventually, all Generations want to bring their Generation closer to King Generation, which has a direct connection with God. King Generation goes back to God.

Ideal relations

Ideal relations are well considered on the example of the most ideal people of the society – a King and his wife. Every man is the King of his life. That’s why, if his relations are not ideal, he is a bad King. Every King serves only God. If a man orders his life around God (his Spirit), then he will finally take his place, introduced to him by the Creator. A man is specially set by God in order to be the Spirit of family. His wife has to take the same position in relation to her husband. A woman should not divert the attention of other people from her husband by her “Ego”. She has to become so transparent in order to be practically invisible in the presence of her husband. Her light presence inspires the King to feel his Power in full sense. His wife just doesn’t show any activity, she just absorbs all impulses, which come from her husband. Bright King’s light clears away in thin, soft vibration streams in such a way that she beams soft and pleasant light.  She doesn’t speak more and louder than her husband. She is the entity, who can be near her King all the time. What else can be interesting for her, when she is near the King? She is always with him, and she doesn’t dare to go forward him even by her thoughts. She doesn’t speak with other people in the presence of her husband and can allow herself to speak only when her husband will ask her to do so. Exactly such woman’s behavior in the presence of her husband glorifies her to the status of the Queen.  A woman is responsible in order not to cover her husband by her presence, but to help husband’s Spirit to shine brighter, like God. To worship means to raise somebody to the status of God. A woman should worship her husband. He, in his turn, will do his best in order to correspond to this status. Who will support the King, if the closest person will not support him? Everybody will see that wife doesn’t support his husband. But she knows her husband better than some one else. It means that there is really nothing to respect in him. There is a great responsibility on King’s wife, in order not to go a millimeter forward her husband, even accidentally. The King should not despond. Exactly like a body reminds a Spirit that he is alive, powerful and unique, in such a way a wife reminds her husband the same. She reminds him about it by means of listening to him and being obedient to him. She doesn’t listen to anyone else except her husband, even herself, her “Ego”. Her “Ego” is the continuation of her husband. Even if her husbands goes somewhere on business, she feels him in her ”Ego”, in her heart. Her “Ego” and her husband are the same. Till she is with her husband, nothing can happen to him. She knows it for sure. Till her husband with her, nothing can happen to her. She knows it for sure. She doesn’t draw her attention away from husband even for a moment, because he is a King, there is no a better person than he is. She is with him by means of her attention, even if he is not near her. Also, King knows that his wife is always near him by means of her attention. That’s why he always feels that he is responsible for her. A husband is always in wife, a wife is always near her husband. She is attentive in order no to come inside her husband. Somebody, who comes inside the other, takes responsibility of Spirit, Governor. A wife doesn’t pry her nose into husband’s affairs, doesn’t give pieces of advice, doesn’t teach him, and doesn’t try to lead after herself. She follows her husband. She doesn’t drop behind him, but doesn’t try to enter his territory, his place, his throne. Because he is a King. She tries to become so soft in order that her husband could easily enter her, where he wants. She tries to be open to him in everything. A man feels that he can enter and influence deeper, only if he gets his power subtler in order that it could be as light, which comes to the thinnest places. When a man becomes so subtly powerful, that a woman will not feel any pressure on her, when he will be able to enter her in all the aspects of her entity, she will surely dissolve him in herself. When a wife will become so soft and sensual for him, that she will dissolve in him, he will surely let her inside him. A woman strives to absorb her husband in her. A man tries to dissolve, that is to expand in woman as much as possible.  Then, they become a one unit, a God.

Such description of relations seems to be separated from our life, from our reality. But, it happens only when you are not aimed at attentive research of relations. All our relations are built on feelings “pleasant-unpleasant”. Exactly such feelings form our thoughts, decisions and actions regarding each other.  The feelings of man show him that he influences a woman, enters her. The feelings of a woman – she allows a man to enter her.  If we place the feelings on the first place in the priorities among actions, decisions, ideas and feelings, then everything will have its right place. Then, the description of ideal relations will not be separated from our reality any more. On the level of feelings our relations become open and vivid. The vividness is in that fact that in feelings it is visible from the very beginning who enters in whom, and who accepts the influence. If a man bears a grudge against a woman, it means that he let her in his Spirit, without being ready for it. She entered him and roughly influenced him. If a woman bears grudge against a man, it means, that she protects her “Ego” from her man.

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